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Foods For a Bigger Belly

When on a diet and trying to lose weight it’s crucial to avoid these foods! This list is filled with foods that increase the size of your belly so stay away!

  • Bagels
    Most bagels are terrible for your belly. Refined flour tastes great but fills your body with a lot of calories and fat. Higher levels of sugar and insulin in the blood lead to an overdrive of fat storage!
  • Raw Cabbage
    Though it tastes great and is good for you, raw cabbage can produce a lot of gas in your intestines. This gas leads to bloating during digestion. We recommend cooking cabbage thoroughly before consuming to avoid the bloaty side effects!
  • Carbonated Water
    Due to the added levels of carbonation in these drinks, a bloated belly can be expected. For a few hours after drinking anything carbonated you will notice a bit of tension in your mid rift.
  • Cola
    It has the same negative effects from the carbonated water above, but add sugar to the mix and you risk the bloat becoming long term! The sweeteners and sugar syrups that cola is full of, lead to an increase in the levels of fat storage that comes from the drinks.
  • Anything Deep Fried
    Deep fried foods like french fries are the worst for your belly. The massive amounts of fat and oils that make these foods so tasty, lead to a slowdown in your digestive system. This leads to more of the food becoming stored in your fat reserves as the food slowly pushes through your intestines.
  • Sausage
    Sausage is filled with fat and sodium. Excess sodium leads to water retention, which always finds itself at home in the belly region. Plus the trans fats have the same effect as those deep fried foods we mentioned. Not to mention blocked arteries and heart disease.