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What To Do When A Girl Doesn’t Message Back

Messaging girls using a Dating App is a great way to find new dates and meet the love of your life. It can be great fun when you know what you’re doing, or a major pain if you don’t.  Don’t forget, just because a girl doesn’t text back, doesn’t mean that she isn’t interested in pursuing a relationship with you.

Don’t use your Dating App to send her stale and meaningless messages that she receives from hundreds of guys on a daily basis. Girls like to be chased, but not always for the correct reasons. Sometimes you might find that a girl will reply to your messages right away, then for some unknown reason, she will stop responding. This normally happens because you are not bringing anything new and exciting to the table. Here are a few tips to keep things interesting in your messaging.

Be Bold

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The best way to get a girl to notice you is to be bold. When she stops replying, send her something like “You must be busy, I will not trouble you further.”

Any girls I’ll read this and instantly realize that she has pushed you too far. Most of the time she will reply straight away, so you know that she’s interested.

Be Boisterous

Sometimes you have to treat them mean to keep them keen. Send a message like “Wow you’re slow at messaging, my grandma replies faster than you”

This one is risky and might go well or bad. It depends on your previous actions and how much the girl is interested. She will either laugh it off, or become insulted, so it is a gamble.

Things to Avoid when Messaging a Girl

·    Don’t be too cutesy, she will stop replying after too many of these.

·    Don’t send walls of text, no one wants to read them.

·    Stop complaining.

·    Don’t tell her your life story.

·    Don’t threaten her for not being interested in you.